About Me

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These past couple of years have been testing for all, and finding Art has been a way for me to connect in joy through painting from my soul.

My journey of creativity began to flow finally after many years upon receiving a book called, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron in 2018.

Dedicated to awakening my passion, I worked my way through the book, doing all the exercises, and then repeating them again with two of my friends. 

The spark was ignited and I was seeded to connect and breakthrough the old “I’m worthless” and “I cant’ do this” games. 

Alongside other empowerment modalities which I am a practitioner in, and courageously feeling the fear and doing it anyway, I have grown into my Art. 

People ask me if I use photos to inspire my work, and the answer is, ‘only a handful of times’, and when I do it is NEVER the same as the photo, it is my representation of that image.

The majority of my paintings come from a deep invitation within my being, I sense it is time to paint. Then I go towards my music player and select some soft background sounds which speaks to my soul in that moment. Next I let my body lead the way, and painting happens. I sometimes start with an intention, but now I understand that life happens in ways we can not fathom or know. This past year I let Go and Let the images come through me onto the canvas, they often reflect a mood or resonance which often can surprise me.

Currently living in the West Midlands.

I love to pass forward what I have learnt, and this year decided to try out leading as well as participating in small zoom groups working ‘ The Artists Way ‘. If you are interested let me know.

I am a Fully qualified Alternative Practitioner in several modalities, which can be viewed on my site below.

The Keys for Change